10 Billion Deaths in the USA

Yes, that’s the number of animals slaughtered in the USA per year!

Times are changing, though, and more and more non-devotees, and even non-vegetarians, are speaking up on the need to reduce animal killing and meat eating. One such example is this excellent lecture on the subject by Mark Bittman, a “a bestselling cookbook author, journalist and television personality.”

Click here to watch it or download it: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/mark_bittman_on_what_s_wrong_with_what_we_eat.html.

In simple but dramatic language he lays out the ecological and health problems of a diet rich in meat and cheese. He also goes on to show the problem with industrial foods and the demise of home cooked meals.

I think this video can be a useful tool in helping people reconsider their meat-eating habits.


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