Pentecostal Fury

One of the main themes my spiritual master, Srila Hridayananda Das Goswami Acharyadeva, has been speaking on is the need to intelligently expose the fallacy of some Christian dogmas. He points out the irrationality of the dogmas and how the distorted image of God they portray has led to unimaginable violence on Earth.

If you want to check it out, you can listen to several of his lectures on this subject here.

I mention this, because I had a very interesting experience in this regard last week. One of my main services is answering e-mails of the official Brazilian BBT website. People get in touch wanting to know more about KC and I help them out. So, this young lady, a very intelligent engineering student, started to study KC with my help. It turns out, however, that her boyfriend is a radical pentecostal, who was just horrified with the thought of his girlfriend reading up on other religions. She tried to explain to him that she was just studying it, not that she has decided to become a devotee, but he was very much opposed.

After a few days studying KC, she sent me an excerpt from and e-mail he had sent her (and she gave me permission to share this story here). In it, he wrote, “If I was God, I’d exterminate you…”. I was shocked! He was basically saying that God should “exterminate” her because she was studying pure devotional philosophy! Not that she’d done anything wrong, not that she’d even so much as changed her religion, but just for studying something different. And he is still her boyfriend!

It’s what my spiritual master calls, “a thought crime”. Being punished for a “thought crime”. Being sent to hell forever, for a “thought crime”. This is very, very dangerous philosophy. Truly evil. And here it was, happening right in front of me.

It just made me understand how important it is that we speak up on this, for we have to do our part to rid the world of these evil ideas, which have brought so much suffering and are still out there, causing violence and fear.



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4 responses to “Pentecostal Fury

  1. I was raised Baptist (not quite Pentecostal), but they believe the same thing – that because of Adam and Eve “eating the apple,” everyone is going to hell forever. That is, unless they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Everyone is going to hell except them.

    When I became a devotee, you can imagine it didn’t go over well.

    The worst part is that my family fully believes that I am going to burn in hell forever. What a horrible thing to believe. Such a sad, sad perversion of the wonderful philosophy given by Christ.

    I really like what Hridayananda Maharaja says in regards to all of this. I always have. I fully agree.


  2. Jambavan

    Well, some sections of Iskcon believe that if one does not accept Prabhupada such person will go to hell forever…

  3. pandavas

    I personally never met a devotee who said that, nor can I see how that could be possible, since there is no conception of eternal hell in our philosophy.

  4. Jambavan

    “I personally never met a devotee who said that, nor can I see how that could be possible, since there is no conception of eternal hell in our philosophy.”

    Yes there is, in Bhagavatam the philosophy speaks of temporary hells. Iskcon has generated the philosophy that Prabhupada holds such status that if, on analyzing a statment made by Prabhupada, one may reject such statement, this intellectual process is an offense to Prabhupada that from such offense one is condemned to live in a hellish state of consciousness which is worse than any temporary hell described in the Bhagavatam or inany other scripture of any other religious tradition. you may not have met a devotee who has said that to you personally, but you will if you reject any of Prabhupada’s statements, such as the statement that jivas fall from Vaikuntha.

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