Purushatraya Swami in Brasilia

Today Purushatraya Swami Maharaja (ACSPB) will arrive in Brasilia. I’m organizing his visit and we’ll have an exciting program for him.

Though devotees have been trying for decades to establish ISKCON here, it’s still pioneering work and slow-going. I have personally been leading the charge, for 5 years now. It’s not easy establishing a new yatra these days.

Purushatraya Swami in Pandavas Paradise - 2006

Purushatraya Swami in Pandavas Paradise - 2006

Our peak levels of activity are achieved when we organize the visit of a more charismatic and impressive devotee, such as Maharaja Purushatraya. So we try to make the most it.

We’ll start the activities with a Krishna Retreat, in Pandavas Paradise. Pandavas Paradise is a retreat centre/nature reserve/temple in the most beautiful surroundings of Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goias, Brazil, a famous eco-tourist region of Brazil, about 3 hours from Brasilia. My spiritual master, Srila Acharyadeva, asked me to establish a holy dhama there and that has been one of my major efforts over the last 10 years. If you think cracking a city for Prabhupada is hard, try establishing a rural project! But Krishna and Prabhupada have been kind and we have managed to get some nice results. You can see some nice pictures of Pandavas Paradise here.

So, we’re having a nice retreat with Purushatraya Maharaja there this weekend, which includes a big (late) Janmastami celebration on Saturday for the local residents of Alto Paraíso (the nearest town to Pandavas Paradise). Being a small congregation we don’t have the luxury of getting an impressive guest for Janmastami, so we do it on our own in Brasilia, and then, the next weekend, we do it again with a nice special guest in Pandavas Paradise!

Then, back in Brasilia, we’ll have a Sunday Program, two mantra shows (Maharaja is a musician and has released two CDs!) in the best local university and in the city, plus a lecture in a big book store (FNAC) in the city’s best shopping center!

Please pray for us, for success in our mission.


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