Successful Retreat with Purushatraya Swami

We had a successful retreat with Purushatraya Swami in Pandavas Paradise last weekend. He gave a seminar, in 4 parts, entitled “Krishna: His Teachings and Tradition”. It was quite inspiring as he shared with us his deep realizations on the utter futility of a life without spiritual endeavor.

Though 63 now (just two days ago!), he is remarkably fit and walked faster than most guests ever manage to in our hikes. This is due to his healthy lifestyle in constant contact with nature in his Goura Vrindavana project.

On Saturday we had a late Janmastami festival. We had some 70 guests from the small local town of Alto Paraíso – GO, mostly seekers who left their urban life to live in the countryside. We had a really nice bhajan with a slide show of pictures from Maharaja’s extensive travels in India. See here our Deities and hear the bhajan in the background:

Afterward, there was an excellent kirtan. Purushatraya Swami is quite an expert kirtan leader. See here a small video of the kirtan:

Back in Brasilia we had other excellent programs, including two bhajan shows, a Sunday Program and a lecture. Everything went according to plan, by the Lord’s grace!


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