Dhanvantari Swami in Pandavas Paradise and Brasília

We had the good fortune of having a wonderful retreat in Pandavas Paradise with Dhanvantari Swami and 10 of his Seminary students, 9 of whom had recently taken their bhakti-shastri exams.

It’s the beginning of the rainy season here, after an especially long dry season (climate change ki not jay), and Pandavas Paradise was really beautiful. My wife, Carana Renu dd, took several beautiful pictures, including this one:

The theme of the retreat was “Sadhu Sanga” and that’s what we got! Dhanvantari Swami gave excellent classes on verses SB 2.3.10-11 (akama sarva kamo-va).

The highlight of the retreat was the initiation of our local bhaktin Fernanda who became Premananda Devi Dasi. Our small Brasilia congregation is slowly growing by the mercy of Lord C.

I was particularly impressed with the Seminary students.  Many of those who participated this year were born into the Movement. In the picture above we see 18 yr. old Sri Jahnavi dd (HDG) giving class. She is the daughter of the one of the first devotees in Brazil who has been one of the most important preachers over the years, a powerful pioneer who opened up the entire North and Northeast of Brazil, Jagad Vicitra Prabhu. She is also Dhanvantari Swami´s niece (he and Jagad Vicitra are brothers). It’s very inspiring to see these young devotees so engaged in the mission.

After the retreat, Dhanvantari Swami spent two days in Brasilia, sharing his wisdom and enthusiasm with us. We arranged for him to give two classes here. We got a good public, of devotees and newcomers, sold books and distributed prasadam!

Click here to see more photos of the retreat.


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