Weekend Gita Course in Rio

Over the weekend I taught the eighth of a series of nine Bhagavad-gita weekend courses in Rio de Janeiro. We studied chapters 15 and 16. We have one final weekend course and then we’ll be finished!

While preparing for the course I had a nice realization: it just struck me how the Gita is our oasis. As soon as you take shelter of the Gita, worshiping Krishna with your intelligence by studying its contents, illusion is just blown away. It becomes easy to be Krishna Conscious when Prabhupada’s Gita is open before us. The Gita is always there, ready to bless us, ready to push us forward back home, back to Godhead!

Next weekend I’m off to Porto Alegre to start a new series of weekend Gita courses there. Let’s hope we manage to complete the series there, too. And the weekend after that, we’re doing one more chapter here in Brasilia, chapter 13.


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