Social Welfare Generates Good Will for Hare Krishnas

Last week we had a tea party for the school cooks of Alto Paraíso, the little town near Pandavas Paradise. The party celebrated one more year of our social welfare work with the local Secretary of Education.

We served them a nice prasadam feast of apple and cinnamon tea, cake, pizza, bread, pumpkin spread and and a fruit crumble mix.

For six years now we have worked with them: 1) donating organic brown rice (and rice flour) and organic brown sugar to the schools and 2) training the school cooks in healthy cooking (and indirectly vegetarianism).

We are distributing about 2 tons of rice and sugar a year now. This means that every single child in the town of Alto Paraíso now has access to these highly nutritional staples of a good diet. We offer the sugar and rice* to Krishna before handing them over to the schools, making it one of Brazil’s largest Food For Life programs.

Our training programs with the school cooks (and cooks from the hospital, too) happen once or twice a year.  We teach them how to prepare tofu from the soy beans, various healthy juices, brown rice dishes, veggie burgers, wholemeal breads, etc.

The cooks, over the years, have become expert at using organic brown rice flour.  They prepare pies, cakes, pizzas, and much more.

In this pleasant tea party the municipal nutritionist, the Secretary of Education and the cooks demonstrated their gratitude and appreciation of our continued support and charity.

In the picture above, taken at the event, we can see the local the Secretary of Education, Secretary of Health, the nutritionist and the cook.

This long-standing program has given us enormous good will with the Mayor and the local public in general, giving Hare Krishnas a very good name Alto Paraíso.

*there is evidence one can offer uncooked rice grains to Krishna in Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrndavana Campu.


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