Weekend Gita Workshop in Rio

We just had another weekend Gita workshop in Rio de Janeiro.

We celebrated the successful completion of our first full series of Gita workshops. We had nine weekend workshops in all – two chapters each, one chapter on the Saturday, the other on the Sunday, with a workshop every two months or so – the first happening in July 2007.

The good news is that we’re starting a new series in April! Also, the group at the last workshop was the biggest yet (only 11 people, but still!). Only one person did all nine workshops, and she has already signed up to do them again! Another person did 8 of them, and two did 7.

And here is our newest student, Bhakta Theo:

His mother started participating back in the 3rd workshop and her husband, Theo´s father, started participating in the 5th.

On Friday I’m off to Porto Alegre to do the second in the series (chapters 3 and 4) there.


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