Hridayananda Maharaja’s Views on Gay Marriage

There is quite a bit of confusion going on about Srila Hridayananda Das Goswami’s views on gay marriages. The ultra-conservatives are quite agitated and the pro-gay are celebrating. They are both off the mark, though.

In fact, his profoundly philosophical  views are quite middle of the road. Here is a quote:

“ISKCON should recognize and encourage monogamy among all its members of whatever orientation, and such recognition and encouragement should take appropriate forms that achieve both purposes: the maintenance of varnasrama and the encouraging of spiritual sincerity.”

On the other hand, he recently wrote this to a godbrother of his, who was suggesting he fully support gay marriage:

You mention “It [homosexuality] is not criminal, nor is it a pathology…”

One definition of ‘pathology’ is ‘mental, social, or linguistic abnormality or malfunction.’ I believe there is a sense in which same sex union is ‘abnormal’, though we should not mean condemn or persecute one born with that abnormality. Radha Krishna are the eternal model, and there is a sense in which the union of male with female, even in this bizarre world, is ‘natural.’

I do not oppose or deny the science on homosexuality, I simply make a distinction between what is natural for the individual and for society.

Srila Hridayananda Maharaja fully declares he does NOT favor gay marriage (for the reasons stated above), yet he is also not willing to ignore the fact that, whether we like it or not, there are gays in the world and they need to be treated with civility, be encouraged to be chaste and monogamous and be given every opportunity to advance in Krishna consciousness.



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4 responses to “Hridayananda Maharaja’s Views on Gay Marriage

  1. Jeannette

    Thanks for posting this. Everyone is so up in arms about something that unless it is their own gay relationship is really not really any of their business.

  2. I shall note that for quite some time, now, Maharaja has been repeatedly asked to clarify what he believes are the essential differences between gay marriage and gay monogamy. He is publically for one and against the other. Maharaja has yet to respond.

  3. I wouldn’t exactly say that the pro-gay camp is “celebrating” Srila Hridayananda Das Goswami’s statements on gay monogamy and same-sex marriage. He seems to be tiptoeing around the issue and I suppose rightly so, given all the animus involved. But it is somewhat unclear even to us what his exact position is. Nevertheless, we are indeed grateful that at least one leader in ISKCON is speaking out reasonably on this issue.

  4. Mahaksa Das (ACBSP-UK)

    Meanwhile, whilst all the arguement about ‘gay marriage’ is going on, the very institution of marriage in many countries is itself losing support rapidly. Maybe it’s still traditional in India and Greece and other such places…but in more progressive countries people are giving up on marriage – gradually it’s eroding away. Too many high profile divorces where the woman takes the man to court and wipes him out and takes the children too. People are getting wise to allowing the law (particularly state) to govern their personal lives. By the time everyone concedes that ‘gays’ be allowed to marry…it’ll be too late anyway.

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