Mantra Workshop

Yesterday, my wife and I gave a Mantra Workshop in a local yoga studio in Brasilia.

Mantra Workshop

This is one of my favorite workshops. What more could a servant of Lord C ask for? Leading people for 90 minutes (or more) in chanting the holy names is always very blissful.

Giridhari Das - Mantra Workshop

Giridhari Das - leading kirtan

We sang four different mantras, including Hare Krishna.  I also taught them a little about the need to call out for God, to practice some personal meditation through japa, and the importance of our books.

Carana Renu DD leading kirtan

My wife sings beautifully and lead the singing half of the time.

Mantra Workshop crowd

The crowd seemed very pleased. Books and japa beads were sold at the end and a few new people showed interest in doing a retreat with us in Pandavas Paradise and coming to our Brasilia Sunday program.


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