Nrsimhadeva Festival in Pandavas Paradise

On Thursday, the 7th, we held a festival in Pandavas Paradise to celebrate the appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva.


This is a picture of our Yoga-Nrsimha deity with Lakshmi Devi and Sesa Naga.

Some of our Brasilia congregation were inspired to drive the 250km to Pandavas Paradise, just to participate in the Festival, driving out the next day very early, arriving in time for their jobs.

Most of the participants were from the local town of Alto Paraíso, though none of them “native” townsfolk. Alto Paraíso attracts seekers and hippies from all over Brazil and even other countries. It’s really the most “far out” small country town I know.

All in all we had about 50 people there.

These locals just love a good Hare Krishna Festival. They’ll sit and chant along for hours. They also pay close attention to the talk. I spoke a little about Lord Nrsimhadeva and together we chanted the Nrismhadeva prayer from the 5th Canto of the SB, spoken by Prahalada Maharaja.

When it’s time for kirtan, they dance very, very enthusiastically!

And they eagerly anticipate the prasadam, eating with great gusto, getting seconds and thirds.

The prasadam for this festival was especially tasty. It was prepared by Karuna Rsi Prabhvi (picture above), from Switzerland.

During the festival I also celebrated my 40th b-day! The crowd chanted a nice “Happy Birthday” and a nice big cake was made.

We had a wonderful time in Krishna consciousness!

You can see more pictures of the festival here.


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