Holy Names for a Packed House

On Tuesday, the 12th of May, we were invited to participate in a cultural event organized by the Brazilian House of Congress. The theme of the night was India. They wanted to “spiritualize” the event, and asked us to open it with chanting.

Carana Renu Dasi

Here is the video of the bhajan, lead by Carana Renu Dasi:

The event was held at the prestigious National Theatre in Brasilia. India is very much in vogue now, in Brazil, due to a very popular prime time soap opera. Devotees in Brazil are taking advantage of this to host “Indian Festivals”, sell more Gitas, etc.

Three years ago another prime time soap opera also hinted at Indian spirituality. Its main theme song was “Mantra” by a musician of the name Nando Reis (divine coincidence – Reis is kings in Portuguese, so we almost have King Nanda). Nando Reis wrote lyrics with the Hare Krishna mantra and invited our very charismatic Chandramukha Swami to play with them in their live shows. Here you can see Nando Reis with Chandramukha Swami and other Vrajabhumi devotees:

During this event they invited another musician to play this same tune. And we were asked to join in!

As such we had the chance to do some more chanting of Hare Krishna.

The place was packed! Though it seats 450, the corridors were full and we estimate there were some 650 people there.

It was a nice chance to share the holy names.


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One response to “Holy Names for a Packed House

  1. Subuddhi Krishna das

    Hare Krishna prabhu,

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Very interesting story about social marketing.

    I would request you to send the following links to your email list.

    These are two videos made by young devotees. Apurva (11 years old) has made this movie on Krishna – The Majestic.

    Another young devotee, Amrita, wrote a poem on Krishna and we made a movie on this poem.

    Thank you for your help. I am preaching in North Carolina – USA.

    Your servant,
    Subuddhi Krishna das

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