Weekend Gita Workshop in Porto Alegre

It’s Gita Workshop time!

On the 17th we had our Brasilia Gita Sunday Workshop, in which we studied the 16th chapter. It was our biggest group yet. Some of the participants are from our local outreach efforts, but most are from our Yoga Retreats in Pandavas Paradise.

Last weekend I was in Porto Alegre, doing the 3rd module of our Weekend Gita Workshop. It’s always wonderful to study the Gita and it’s interesting to see how this weekend workshop suits all kinds of people.

For example, in the group I have the daughter of the local Temple President, Radharani (fourth from the left). Though her father is one of the greatest preachers in Brazil, she is still appreciating the course so much. Rossana (second from the left), has known the devotees for 25 years, but really appreciates this kind of deep systematic study. She wrote to me yesterday saying that this last module was one of the most amazing moments she’s had in association with devotees her whole life. Yet the workshop also satisfies the newcomers. Angela (fifth from the left), knew absolutely nothing about KC before starting these Gita workshops and she has practically no contact with devotees out of it. Yet, she is in awe of its contents and feels it’s changing her life.  This is the power of the Gita explained in the light of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings!

This weekend I fly off to Rio de Janeiro, for the second module of our second series of Weekend Gita Workshops there.


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