Weekend Gita Workshop in Porto Alegre

Last weekend we held our 4th Weekend Gita Workshop in Porto Alegre, covering chapters 7 and 8.

This was our biggest group yet, with 16 people. Since the last one was our smallest, I was enthused by the change. The devotee couple who organize this program in Porto Alegre, Vrajendra-nanda Das and Vraja-jana DD (both Param Gati Swami disciples) redoubled their efforts to attract new participants. When the group is a little bigger, like this, the workshop is much more dynamic and interesting and I personally find it more rewarding in general.

Chapter 8 of the Gita explicitly deals with the subject of death (and where we go after it).  This timeless issue raised some interesting discussions that revealed our natural fear of death and rebirth.

“Gitaphiles” may also like to note that Chapter 8 is where Prabhupada most often insists on the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra (and most often writes out the entire mantra, purport after purport!) as the highest means of attaining the Supreme Abode.

On Sunday night I was invited to lead some bhajan at our local Jagannatha Temple. I chose a nice soulful Hare Krishna melody.

This Saturday we’ll start JIVA 2009 – our longest and most important retreat of the year in Pandavas Paradise. It’s an intense one week long Krishna Conciousness training retreat. We have a full house, with bhaktas and bhaktins coming from all over the country. I am grateful that Prabhupada is keeping us busy!


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