Srila Acharyadeva in Govardhana Lila Ashram

After leaving Nova Gokula, on Monday, the 21st, Srila Acharyadeva went to Campos de Jordão, to the beautiful Govardhana Lila Ashram. Campos de Jordão is a famous tourist destination in the mountains, about 2.5 hours from São Paulo.

Govardhana Lila Ashram is very impressive. Good taste abounds and it’s beautifully maintained. Everything is very classy. It’s the result of decades of work by the couple Govardhana Das and Krishna-lila DD, both disciples of Srila Acharyadeva.

The surrounding area is charming, set in a remote valley in the mountains, at an altitude of 1300 m. (4000 ft).


They maintain 46 cows, 4 horses and 6 dogs. They grow their own rice and beans, as well as all kinds of vegetables and fruits (including strawberries, blackberries and blueberries).  Everything is organic, of course.

With the milk of the cows, they produce delicious types of cream cheese, semi-hard cheese and milk sweets. They also produce celestial jams with their fruits.

They have a beautiful yoga space, with breathtaking views of the valley. They also have dozens of suites, with charming decoration.



About 130 devotees came from Nova Gokula to spend the day with Srila Acharyadeva. They were given lunch, spent the day doing kirtan and, at night listened to a talk by Srila Acharyadeva. Unfortunately, many of the devotees had to leave at night, after the talk, under a torrential downpour.  The lights also went out (because of the storm). Things got a little chaotic, but, in the end, everyone got back on the highway safely.

The famous yoga teacher and devotee, Regina Shakti, was also there. She runs a very successful yoga business, sells thousands of her DVDs, books, CDs, etc. She always comes to visit Srila Acharyadeva when he visits Brazil. Despite her great success, she is very humble and likeable.

About 30 devotees, including Chandramukha Swami, spent the night there. The following day Srila Acharyadeva japa-strolled around the farm and talked with the devotees. He was finally able to get some rest and relax a bit, after 3 intense weeks of preaching in Brazil. We had some very sweet and humorous moments – it was quite special.

From there Srila Acharyadeva went to Pindamonhangaba for his last program in Brazil, before setting off to Chile (he travelled on the 23rd). Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to him in Campos de Jordão, as I headed back to Brasília.

Srila Acharyadeva was very pleased with his Brazil tour. Devotees organized his trip very well and everything pretty much went according to plan.

Click here to see more pictures of Govardhana Lila Ashram and Srila Acharyadeva.


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One response to “Srila Acharyadeva in Govardhana Lila Ashram

  1. Jeannette

    Hare Krishna Prabhu, PAMHO.
    I am an aspirant of Acharyadeva and I was wondering if you know where I can obtain CD’s or MP3’s of lectures from the past 3 years as I do not have anything that recent.

    Thank you.
    Your humble servant,

    Bhaktin Jeannette

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