Pandavas Retreat and Festival 2010

On the weekend of the 8-10th of January we had this year’s Pandavas Retreat and Festival, celebrating one more year of activities. It was an intense weekend, with lots of bliss, peace, natural beauty and devotional fun.

The highlight of the retreat was a Festival, on the 9th, which included a fire sacrifice (agni hotra) and the initiation of Bhakta Rafael (to the right in the above picture), from the Brasilia-DF congregation. With Gaura-Nitai and Lord Nrsimhadeva (picture at the beginning), as well as the assembled devotees as his witnesses, he proclaimed his life-long initiation vows, as a disciple of Srila Hridayananda Das Goswami Acharyadeva. He received his initiation name: Raghu-vira Das!

Aside from the 26 participants of the retreat, who came from Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, dozens of people came from the nearest town to Pandavas Paradise, Alto Paraíso, to participate in our festival and, especially, our big kirtan (picture above), which they always love.

In the mornings of both Saturday and Sunday, the retreat guests heard the profound teachings of the Dattatreya Avatar, in a presentation I gave.

As you can see from the picture above, they really enjoyed it!

Even though it’s the rainy season here, we were blessed with beautiful days, and thus could take full advantage of the glorious beauty of the Cerrado. (And to think that most of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere were buried in snow and ice!)

We hiked the trails of our ecological reservation.

And then enjoyed our invigorating waterfalls (all of which come from springs in our property!).

Here are some comments we received:

“Giridhari it was wonderful, a unique moment in my life. I had the opportunity to be in a retreat with wonderful people wanting to know more about the teachings of Lord Krishna… everything was wonderful. Thank you Krishna for giving me these gracious moments. And thank you Giridhari and all of you who organized the retreat – congratulations!” – Rose

“It’s indescribable the experience we had in Pandavas Paradise. It was like a rebirth, a chance to be better, to live better… in short, I’m much happier now, in Krishna consciousness.” – Paula

Click here to see more pictures of the event!


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