Easter Retreat in Pandavas Paradise

Over the weekend of April 1-4 we held our Easter Retreat in Pandavas Paradise, our 1000 acre bhakti-yoga retreat center in the heart of Brazil.

By divine arrangement, the group was very “sattvic”, in other words, very high minded. We had mostly teachers and ecologists, who came there seeking a break from the demands of modern life and to get to know more about spiritual life in the yoga tradition.

One of the participants, in his young university days, had met the first ISKCON devotees to come to Brazil, in the early seventies (surfers!). He had gotten into it, chanted japa, etc., but then got involved with his career and forgot Krishna Consciousness. This retreat was his way of restarting the process, almost 40 years later!

On the other side of the age spectrum, we had two young ladies (18 and 19), who came all the way from Campinas, SP (1100 km away!). A funny thing happened: after signing up for the retreat, one of the ladies went to a large bookstore to buy a book on yoga spirituality. She found one she liked, took it home and only much later realized it was a book I had written, printed by our NGO!

As usual our guests were treated to a full schedule, starting at 6 am with a sweet melodic kirtan, followed by japa (mantra meditation) and then a yoga class at 7am.  After a hearty breakfast (with varied breads, fruits, juices, yogurt, cake, jams etc), we hit the trails, which end up in either one of our waterfalls or our natural pool (Mahavira Kunda).

After the walks, a delicious lunch. After lunch we also offered cooking classes and a special class on how to wear a sari. The women loved it!

At night, after more kirtan, I spoke on self-realization in yoga.

Click here to see more pictures!


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