Women’s Retreat in Pandavas Paradise

Over the weekend of April 9-12 we held our first women’s retreat at Pandavas Paradise. The event was inspired by the visit of Jaya Gauri Prabhu (ACBSP) to Brasilia, her home town. Here is an English translation of a report on the retreat, written by Bn. Claudia, one of the participants:

The Women’s Retreat in Pandavas Paradise brought together a great group of good-spirited and dynamic women who were all very enthusiastic to hear what Jaya Gauri Prabhu had to say.

Jaya Gauri Prabhu (pictured above), a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, shared with the group her profound knowledge of Vedic Culture and bhakti-yoga and her experiences as a woman in the Hare Krishna Movement. She also gave hatha-yoga classes.

Jaya Gauri enchanted all the participants with her sweet and inspiring presence.

In her association we experienced unforgettable moments, as much for the more advanced devotees as for the beginners…. pure nectar!

Besides the wonderful lectures and yoga classes, the ladies enjoyed the beautiful natural surroundings, moments of peace and well-being, bathing in the waterfall, days of sun and nights full of stars.

The energy required to participate in all this came from the delicious organic vegetarian meals prepared by our dear Carana Renu Prabhu.

The feminine energy reigned in Paradise! We had wonderful days that only left us wanting more…

Click here to see more pictures of the retreat.


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