Back to Back Retreats

We had two retreats in a row in Pandavas Paradise, one weekend after another. And in between them, we had two ladies from São Paulo staying with us in our Devi Ashram program.

The first retreat was another edition of our regular yoga retreats, which always have a strong focus on Krishna consciousness. We’re seeing that most people come to our retreats with a desire to get to know more about yoga spirituality, and we’re very happy to oblige them in this regard!

It was a four night retreat, so we got plenty of time together and managed to fit in several long walks and four 90-minute lectures (two on the Yoga Sutras, a mantra workshop and one on the environmental impact of meat eating). Above, a japa lesson and a picture of two toucans who dropped by during the retreat.

In between the retreats, we hosted two ladies in our Devi Ashram program. This program allows women to spend some time in Pandavas Paradise, absorbing as much spirituality as they wish, while enjoying our beautiful surroundings and comfortable guest facilities. One was a psychologist and the other a doctor. The psychologist arrived there without ever having tried japa meditation. By the end, she was chanting 16 rounds a day!

The other retreat, which ended last Sunday, the 13th, was organized by a group of teachers of the Brasilia (DF) District School System. It was part of a course they are doing on agroecology, and the focus was on agroforestry.

They chose to do their first practice of planting a small agroforest garden in Pandavas Paradise. Though the group was much less inclined towards yoga spirituality than our usual crowd, they still had japa sessions, some came to our daily aratiks and most chanted Hare Krishna in kirtan with us. They also watched a 90 minute presentation on karma, at the end of which several of them bought our books.

They planted three “mandala-shaped” agroforestry gardens with a mixture of corn, banana, native trees, pumpkin, zuchini, pineapple, cassava and much more!

See here pictures of the Yoga Retreat.

See here pictures of the Agroforestry Retreat.


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