July Yoga Retreat in Pandavas Paradise

We are trying to increase the number of retreats we offer in Pandavas Paradise, as we continue to improve and expand our services. One of the extra retreats we did this year, that we had previously not done, took place from the 10-15 of July. We decided to add a 5 day yoga retreat for the many Brazilians who take their vacations in July.

We got two yoga teachers to come from Rio de Janeiro. One is a devotee, Bn. Paula, and the other a teacher in Rio’s fanciest yoga studio, Edson Ramos. Edson is a Buddhist, ex-paramilitary and martial arts expert. Yet, these days, he’s hanging around with devotees a lot, and learning to play the mrdanga. In the picture above you can see the two of them, on the right, enjoying a bit of our therapeutic mud!

We had a small group and they quickly bonded. They came from different parts of Brazil, as far North as Macapá, and others from São Paulo, Goías and Minas Gerais. Above we can see some of them doing one of the cooking courses we had during the retreat. We had a nice gurukuli, Govindaji DD (in the middle, wearing a purple top, in the picture above), as our retreat cook.

They did lots of different yoga styles, even some basic acro-yoga.

Best of all they participated in all our aratiks and learnt to chant japa very attentively, both maintaining a proper sitting posture and walking. In the evenings they learnt many important basic points about the philosophy of Krishna consciousness with a full 90 minutes a day of lectures, given by me.

July is an amazing time of the year here in Chapada dos Veadeiros, with beautiful blue skies. We walked every day, in different trails through our nature reserve to our waterfalls.

In the end they all bought books and japa beads to continue with their study and practice and promised to come back soon!

Click here to see more pictures of the retreat!


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  1. finallyvegan

    Wow… that sounded amazing… I wish I had an experience like that!

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