Pandavas Paradise in Top Brazilian Travel Magazine

One of Brazil’s top travel magazines, Viaje Mais, has published a six page article about Pandavas Paradise. The article was written by a reporter who participated in our June retreat. The article is mentioned on the cover (above), with the title “Zen Retreats in the Chapada dos Veadeiros”. Here in Brazil, “zen” is an adjective used for all things spiritual and peaceful and doesn’t imply that we practice Zen Buddhism!

I couldn’t have written a more favorable article myself! She expertly captured the mood in our retreats, glorified the peace and natural beauty of the place, the loving reception she got, the great food, beautiful waterfalls and our comfortable rooms. The article also posted useful information on how to get there, our website, phone numbers and future retreats.  It explains clearly that this is a Hare Krishna retreat centre and the word Krishna is used in the article about 6 times.

You can see the article (in Portuguese) here:!


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