October Retreat in Pandavas Paradise

During the 8-12th of October, we held another yoga retreat in Pandavas Paradise.

Our mornings start with a sweet soulful aratik . Then we have a 30 minute japa session. Mostly we get newcomers who have never before had contact with japa chanting, so on the first day I explain the concept, the technique and we chant one round together.

After japa, the guests have their yoga class. For the second time we’ve been lucky to have as volunteers a dynamic mother-daughter duo from Rio de Janeiro, Alba and Marina. While Marina leads the class, Alba goes around correcting the students’ postures. The guests really appreciate it.

Then it’s breakfast time, followed by a walk through the hills to the waterfalls. Guests are always impressed by the thousands of acres of unspoilt savannah, which, with the begining of the rains, are especially beautiful these days.

It’s amazing how nature has recovered from the wild fires we had, a mere three weeks ago. Everything was burnt and black. Now look how beautiful it is:

In my 12 years of Pandavas Paradise, I have never seen so many flowers there!

My wife, Carana Renu, delighted our guests with delicious prasadam. Indian style on the first day, then Italian and Mexican! The guests were struggling with their senses not to overeat every day!

She also taught a few recipes in a cooking class.

In the evenings I gave 90 minute presentations on our philosophy. The first two nights I spoke on the teachings of Dattatreya and on the last night I gave a new presentation I’ve recently prepared, called “Great Questions and Their Vedic Answers”.

Click here to see many more pictures.


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  1. sabjimata

    great pictures~!

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