November Retreat In Pandavas Paradise

We were all jumping with joy by the end of the retreat!

In November we held a 3 day retreat in Pandavas Paradise, from the 12-15th. Once again, it turned out to be an all-female retreat, as no men signed up for it!

There are lots of birds at this time of the year...

It was a small group of only 7 women, but from different parts of the country. One of them, from Fortaleza, travelled for 10 hours to get here!

Every morning we had a 30 minute japa session...

It was, however, one of those special retreats, where all the guests are openly desiring to hear more about spirituality, and half came specifically wanting Krishna Consciousness. Of these, only one had been to a Hare Krishna temple before. On our retreats we get a lot of people who would normally not be attracted to the usual Hare Krishna temple situation but are very attracted to our books, our philosophy and our practices.

... and a 90 minute yoga class.

These smaller groups have the advantage that the guests really bond. By the end, it was like they were all best friends. This helps create a very sweet atmosphere and spirits were very high.

It is now the rainy season here in “Chapada dos Veadeiros”, but we still managed to go on two walks. Only on one of the days did it rain incessantly. But no one minded, as they all got a chance for massages, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies, as well as a trip to the local town to check out an Indian boutique owned by our friend Maharani Vrindadevi dd.

A great asana photo-op.


Breathtaking view from the top!

They especially appreciated the trip to our scenic lookout point, climbing up the steep trail to the see the breathtaking view.

The food was amazing, too. My wife, Carana Renu, prepared Indian on the first day, Italian the second and Mexican on the third. Her hard work was compensated by the constant praise of the guests, enjoying every dish.

The lecture was divided into two 90 minute sessions.

At night I gave a new lecture in which I present Krishna consciousness in a very practical way, as a lifestyle choice, for the regular modern person, living in a big city, with their jobs, families, etc.

Here are some of the comments we received after the retreat:

“I’m very happy and grateful for the great opportunity I had to meet such wonderful and special people. This retreat was really blessed… unforgettable moments and a very special birthday for me. Such beautiful and friendly people, such a magical and welcoming place, the constant presence of the Divine and the joy of sharing… teachings, good company, nature, sacred food, inspiring music, and a respect for life and care for others.  A big hug to all my fellow participants and a special thanks to Masters Giridhari Das and Charana.”  – Leonice (Goiânia)

“Thank you Krishna for having given me so much!” – Jocely (Fortaleza)

“My deep thanks to you all. It was a wonderful experience. I’m already feeling withdrawal from everything there – the mantras, the collective japa session, the yoga classes, the walks, swimming in the waterfall and the food, teas… oh!”  – Verônica (Campinas)

“I also want to thank you all for the opportunities you have given me. With my eyes wide open now, I will never be the same! I’ll be eternally grateful to you for this. A loving hug to all of you and a special Jaya for masters Charana and Giridhari .” – Renata (São Paulo)

Click here to see lots more photos of the event!


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  1. sabjimata

    everything looks beautiful as always!

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