Two Bhakti-yoga Retreats in Pandavas Paradise

We’ve had two devotee bhakti-yoga retreats in Pandavas Paradise this January.

The first was the 5th Pandavas Retreat and Festival, held from the 7-9th. The focus of this retreat is to give devotees a chance to get together to celebrate another year of Pandavas Paradise.

The high point was the Pandavas Festival, held Saturday night. As always we invited the folks of the local town, Alto Paraíso and about 60 of them came.

We chanted for hours on end!

Karuna, from Switzerland, was in charge of the cooking for the festival. Her husband (on the left above), helped her out all day.

The other retreat we had was our firt Bhakti-shastri Retreat,  held from 9-16th of January. This is a seven day retreat dedicated to studying Sri Isopanishad, Nectar of Instruction, Nectar of Devotion and Bhagavad-gita.

We had a guest teacher, Dhavali Prabhu, who also teaches at the Brazilian Bhakti-shastri Seminary. He took care of the Sri Isopanishad and Nectar of Instruction.

I taught Nectar of Devotion and Bhagavad-gita.

Carana Renu Dasi taught Sanskrit pronounciation, the importance of memorizing the Sanskrit verses and their translations, as well as techniques for memorization.

The prasadam for both retreats was made by Manjari Devi Dasi, from Russia.

Though it rained a lot, we managed to include some nice trail walks and swimming at the waterfalls.

One of points we insisted on was of the importance of very attentive japa chanting. We would all chant together in the temple, before the classes.

The devotees really enjoyed the opportunity to spend so many days, in such a beautiful ashram, in the company of devotees, focused on Krishna and His teachings!

We recorded this video with testimonials of some of our participants of the Bhakti-shastri retreat (in Portuguese).

Click here to see lots of pictures of the Pandavas Retreat and Festival!

Click here to see pictures of the Bhakti-shastri retreat!


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