São Paulo Gita Course and Trip

I just came back from a wonderful weekend in São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest, busiest city.

The main purpose of my trip was the “12h Gita” course, held on Saturday and Sunday (5 and 6th of February).

But, to make the most of my trip, the devotees kindly invited me to a nama-hatta program on friday, at the house of a very active devotee couple, Ananda-Maya dd and Dasananda Das. Because São Paulo is so huge, and because ISKCON only has one temple in the city, invariably the temple is hours away from home for many devotees there. The regular nama-hatta programs, being held in different homes, in different parts of the city, therefore, have brought Krishna consciousness closer to the congregation.

In this program, there were some 25 people. I took the opportunity to present Rupa Goswami’s “Citra Kavitvani”, his brilliant and intriguing poems.

On Saturday all day and Sunday morning we had the 12h Gita course. In this course I go through the entire content of the Gita (not reading all the verses, but presenting all the knowledge they contain). This is the 4th time I’ve given this course and people really love it. A chance to get the whole Gita explained in one deep overview. We had a really good crowd of 17 people present.

On Sunday evening I was invited to give the Gita class at the local ISKCON temple. I spoke on the theme of conscious vs. unconscious desires and their impact on our self-realization.  After the class, many devotees came forward to thank me and show their appreciation. There were some 60 devotees present.


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