Pancha-Tattva Installed in Brasília, Brazil

The 30th of January 2011 was a historical day for ISKCON in Brasilia. We installed our beautiful Pancha-Tattva Deities, brought from Mayapur (part of the original set of smaller replicas made at the time of the big Mayapur Pancha-Tattva).

It was also the first anniversary of the inauguration of our small but charming preaching center, very well located in the capital of Brazil.

Further, it was our first 6h Kirtan, which we hope to hold every month from now on for the pleasure of the Five Masters. The Deities were placed on the altar with their eyes closed and during the 6h Kirtan we awaited the moment of the installation.

Going beyond its six hours, the kirtan went on as the abhishek was carried out.  Everyone had a chance to bathe Pancha-Tattva.

After the abhishek I gave a class, focusing on the variety of transcendental mellows one may experience in worshiping the Pancha-Tattva.

Then we had our first aratik, offered by Carana Renu Dasi, accompanied by the very enthusiastic kirtan of Devananda Das.

After the aratik and kirtan we served delicious and opulent prasadam prepared by Sri Vani Dasi, mother of the famous kirtaneer Amala Kirtan Das, with a cake made by Bn. Rukmini.

Click here to see more pictures!


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