Two Yoga Retreats with Laurent Dauzou in Pandavas Paradise

We had two yoga retreats with the famous French Iyengar trained yoga teacher, Laurent Dauzou. The first was from the 19-23 of January and the other from the 11-16 of February.

Laurent is a very skilled and knowledgeable teacher. His classes are intense and, quite literally, body altering – your body gets realigned, stretched and more balanced. The students had over 4 hours of yoga classes with him every day!

Both groups (of about 12 guests) were especially united and quickly took to each other, creating a loving and family like atmosphere.

In the first group we had a reporter, from a travel magazine. It was his first time in contact with the practice and philosophy of yoga and Krishna Consciousness.  He’ll be writing an article on Pandavas Paradise to be published in March. He was very well impressed and I expect his article will be very positive.

It’s summer here in Brazil (as all of you buried under massive snow storms will be pleased to know, I’m sure!).  In this time of the year we have beautiful sunny days, with the occasional massive thunderstorm. We were blessed with great weather for hiking our trails.

Even though we’re at 4000 ft altitude, when it’s sunny it gets quite hot – perfect weather for splashing about in our waterfalls!

Every day the guests practiced concentrated, sitting-down, japa, after the mangal aratik. In the evenings, after Gaura aratik, I lectured on different topics of our yoga philosophy and how to apply it to our lives. In the second retreat we also showed the “Ever Wellwisher” documentary on Srila Prabhupada. (Nice as it is, isn’t it time ISKCON had a new professional documentary on Srila Prabhupada?)

In both retreats, the guests bought Gitas, Yoga Sutras, other books and japas and neck beads in the hopes of continuing what they had started in Pandavas Paradise.

Here are some of the comments we got from our guests:

“Again, wonderful and intense moments, nurtured by the company of super special people, invigorating practices of yoga, and absolutely refreshing and delicious prasadam, which incidentally, is one of the highlights of Paradise. I thank you for all the moments of fun, introspection, life and yoga lessons, talks, walks and refreshing swimming in the waterfalls. To the folks of Pandavas Paradise, after my third visit, I can safely say, ‘until next time!’”- Helena, Brasilia-DF

“I needed some time for myself, to go back to my essence, to hear my inner self, and, within days, not only did I get all that, but I also got to know special people that made me feel at home, a “home” that I never thought existed, with everyone seeking the same things despite having such different personal backgrounds. The place – precious, the company – wonderful, the food – divine, the lessons – challenging and the peace – eternal. Thanks for everything and everyone for taking part in this special moment!”- Fernanda, Brasilia-DF

“My friends, I thank you for everything. Thanks for such a wonderful place and for the people who complete the magic of this paradise on earth. “- Adriana, São Paulo-SP

“Frieds, I am very grateful to you all for sharing such important and amazing moments with me! I can still feel the good energy that we cultivated in these days of meditation, kirtans, yoga classes, and in every moment. I hope that Pandavas Paradise will continue to be this wonderful place of giving and receiving of good energy. “- Gabriela (Gal), Aracaju-SE

“It was really a unique opportunity to have participated in the retreat in Pandavas Paradise! I was very happy to meet people who are so dear and attuned to subtle and valuable aspects of life! “- Mario, Brasilia-DF

“I really enjoyed those days we spent together and carry with me the positive mood, fond memories and lasting impressions of each one of you. I thank you all, and especially Giri and Laurant for facilitating these moments of peace, connection and understanding. “- Ju, Florianópolis-SC

Click here to see more pictures of the retreat of our January retreat and here to see pictures of the February retreat!


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  2. Hey, can I ask where this is? I am currently in Brazil and very interested in looking into yoga and finding some different places where I can practice.

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