Angry Birds™ Yoga – How to Eliminate the Green Pigs in Your Life, Part III

This is the third part of the “Angry Birds™ Yoga” series. Other parts will be published in the upcoming days. Click here for Part I and here for Part II.

The Black Bird

The Black Bird represents meditation. Meditation and control of your mind are key concepts in Yoga. It’s plain and simple: if you can’t control your mind, you’re not in control. Negative thoughts and feelings can easily take hold and control you.  Living life without developing control of your mind and senses is like driving a car with eyes blindfolded, or with your hands tied behind your back. It’s certain you’ll crash! Meditation, like the Black Bird, is very powerful, capable of breaking through all sorts of barriers to get to the Green Pigs in your life and blow them up. Meditation has been proven effective in increasing wellbeing in numerous scientific studies. More than that, though, meditation will gradually award you increased clarity of mind, focus, peace and, ultimately, inner spiritual vision. Traditionally, in the Yoga tradition, mantra meditation is most recommended for the full spiritual experience, but even the simple relaxation technique of sitting quietly and focusing your mind on your breathing will bring about increased wellbeing. For truly life-altering results, meditation should be practiced every day, for at least 20-30 minutes. More dedicated practitioners meditate much longer, about 90 minutes a day at least.

Black Bird Yoga Lesson: discover and practice meditation and blow away your destructive thoughts and emotions!

The White Bird

The White Bird represents the avatar concept. The word “avatar” literally means “the down-crosser” or, in other words, a being who comes from the transcendental realm to our earthly domain to impart transcendental knowledge and wisdom – and, having completed the mission then “flies off”. Like the White Bird, the most important aspect of avatars is not simply their presence, but the teachings they leave behind, which, when properly placed, explode our ignorance, our destructive tendencies and, ultimately, our forgetfulness of our spiritual nature. In Yoga there is a balance between reason and revelation. An avatar brings revelation: knowledge of things beyond the purview of our senses and reason, like knowledge of the soul, of the Divine, of life in transcendence, and of how to be ultimately fulfilled and happy. Yet it’s understood in the Yoga tradition that the revealed knowledge must also meet the criteria of good sense, of reason, logic, and even direct experience. The world has suffered greatly due to an imbalance of reason and revelation. Too much dependence on reason, while ignoring revelation, leads to crass materialism and a shallow existence. Dependence on so-called revelation that contradicts reason and good sense, has brought and continues to bring humanity great suffering in the form of fanaticism, religious violence and human rights violations. The delicate balance of reason and revelation can bring humanity to its fullest potential.

White Bird Yoga Lesson: Blind doubt is as bad as blind faith – seek the deeper wisdom and knowledge brought from above by authentic avatars, but use your reason, good sense and even direct experience to validate it!

click here for Part IV



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