Angry Birds™ Yoga – How to Eliminate the Green Pigs in Your Life, Part IV

This is the fourth part of the “Angry Birds™ Yoga” series. Other parts will be published in the upcoming days. Click here for Part I,  here for Part II and here for Part III.

The Boomerang Bird

The Boomerang Bird is a reminder of the Law of Karma: what goes around comes around! The Law of Karma basically states that the moral dimension of our acts will come back to us in the form of situations, events and other external aspects of our life (but not the internal – our internal state of being is entirely in our hands). A morally noble action, will result in positive material reactions, a morally grey action will return mixed reactions, and an immoral action, negative and unpleasant reactions. Like mastering the Boomerang Bird, mastering your understanding of the Law of Karma will allow you to achieve otherwise unattainable results. You can act now, being aware of the boomerang effect of your actions. This will give you further impetus to upgrade your consciousness, which, in turn, will directly result in much more peace of mind and general happiness.  It’s getting cliché, but it’s the oldest truth: you want to feel good? Do good! It works. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me. The more noble your actions are, the more they will bring happiness and wellbeing for you in the long term. The more degraded your actions are, though apparently pleasing or exciting at the time, the more mental distress you will experience in due time. Of course, better still is to do good for the sake of good without considering the results. The real and ultimate objective is to entirely lift yourself off the platform of Karma, but that requires an advanced, serious and dedicated practice of Yoga in its fullest sense.

Boomerang Bird Yoga Lesson: Plan ahead – the moral quality of your actions define your wellbeing.

The Big Red Bird

The Big Red Bird represents determination. Life’s tough, even tougher than getting three stars on all levels! To overcome your obstacles and live a great life you’ll need determination. Determination is like the Big Red Bird, in that it crashes through all the bricks of life and eliminates the Green Pigs on your path to happiness. With determination you can do more than you may have thought possible. Of course, determination has to be allied with two other aspects: focus and goal. Having determination to do something stupid won’t help you feel very good. Having determination that wavers after two minutes as your focus shifts also won’t get you very far. In Yoga there is talk of “single point” focus. We say “laser-like” these days. To succeed in life (and here I mean success in terms of your ultimate happiness and wellbeing), you need this kind of focus. You can achieve this kind of focus by practicing meditation (remember the Black Bird?). And by using your intelligence (remember the Yellow Bird?), you have to carefully pick your goals in life.  Remembering also the Boomerang Bird and the law of Karma you’ll no doubt seek noble goals. Determination, with laser-like focus on intelligent, noble goals – wow! What an amazing life you can have! Nothing will stand in your way, no Green Pigs to laugh at your defeat!

Big Red Bird Yoga Lesson: determination is the key to success. Don’t give up!

The Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle represents Divine Grace, or Mercy. Divine Grace, a wise man once told me, is like buying six for the price of four. In other words, you’re still paying, you’re still putting in effort, but you just get a lot more for it! For a little extra effort on your part, you can invoke this wonderfully effective power into your life. It just makes everything better. Learn how and try it!

Mighty Eagle Yoga Lesson: you’re not alone, help is at hand!

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