Angry Birds™ Yoga – How to Eliminate the Green Pigs in Your Life, Final Part

This is the fifth and final part of the “Angry Birds™ Yoga” series. Click here for Part I,  here for Part II, here for Part III and here for Part IV.

The Green Pigs

The Green Pigs are your enemies in life. Enemies who steal your happiness and your peace of mind, who trick you into living an unfulfilled life, and who cheat you out of the unlimited greatness you deserve.

The Small Pigs are those little things we do that make our lives worse, including: prolonging those habits we know to be bad, overworking, lying, over-eating, under-sleeping, long distance commuting to work, and not getting enough fresh air and contact with nature. It’s fairly easy to eliminate these Small Green Pigs if you take your wellbeing seriously.

The larger Green Pigs are greed, lust, madness, hatred, illusion, arrogance, envy and fear. Often they are further protected by helmets, hard-hats, sombreros, etc! These are very, very difficult to defeat. Only the Angry Birds™ Yoga pros have a chance to defeat them all.  The first step in eliminating them from your life, though, is just being aware of them – “know thy enemy.” Just being aware of them and recognizing how they bring you misery is a significant part of the process. People often think these qualities are bad for the victims, but actually the misery starts with the perpetrator. Being in a greedy, hateful, arrogant, etc. state of mind is in itself miserable and frustrating, what to speak of the awful results that will come to a person who acts out these states, and to the other people around him or her.

The Boss and King Pigs represent the very root of all our suffering: ignorance. Ignorance of our true nature, ignorance of what our true priorities are, ignorance of where we came from and where we’re going, ignorance of what we should do with our life, and ignorance of the divine – these lead to all the other problems.

The Bricks

It’s hard enough eliminating the Green Pigs when they are fully exposed, but often they are further covered by bricks of three sorts.

The Glass Brick represents laziness.  Most of us are unbelievably lazy when it comes to working on being a better person or on self-realization. If we don’t overcome this laziness, there is no hope for happiness. This has nothing to do with regular laziness. You can be a go-getter, hard-working rat race master and still be totally lazy when it comes to working on becoming a better person.

The Wood Brick represents false precepts and false concepts. We plan our whole life on erroneous notions of who we are and what’s good for us. We so often strive for the useless, ignore the essential and basically drive ourselves into a ditch of mediocrity and frustration.

The Stone Brick represents lack of mental clarity, confusion.  Bad lifestyle choices, pollution, noise and being too busy will cloud our mind and keep us dull and confused. In such a state, what hope do we have of being happy?

The Slingshot

The Sligshot is our life force, called prana in the Indian tradition and qi (chi) in the Chinese tradition. Our life force is limited. We only have so much time, so much intelligence, so much physical and mental energy. We have to use it wisely. We have to direct our life properly. We have to aim well, otherwise there is no chance we’ll do our best in life. The little things matter. Life is built from one action to another, from one word to another – right now.

Parting Words

By seeking wisdom (White Bird) and using your intelligence (Yellow Bird), by remembering your true nature (Blue Bird), by practicing meditation (Black Bird), living a noble life (Boomerang Bird), controlling your senses, starting with the tongue (Red Bird), with great determination (Big Red Bird) and last, but not least, seeking always the help of the Divine (the Mighty Eagle), you can blast away the Green Pigs of destructive mentality and lead a truly blissful and enlightened life!

I hope this brief presentation of Angry Birds™ Yoga has been helpful. If you want to learn more about the topics covered here, get in touch with me. It will be my pleasure to discuss them with you.



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2 responses to “Angry Birds™ Yoga – How to Eliminate the Green Pigs in Your Life, Final Part

  1. Bertrand

    Fantastic, wisdom made simple for anyone’s understanding. We are after so many things in life, but very rarely seeking things that will bring us real and everlasting happiness.

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