Cooking Retreat in Pandavas Paradise

From the 2nd  to 7th of September we held a cooking retreat in Pandavas Paradise, led by Carana Renu Dasi.

People came seeking a chance to enhance their vegetarian cooking repertoire as well as to enjoy the regular benefits of a retreat here, namely peace, contact with nature and a chance to deepen their spirituality.

Carana Renu chose varied menus over the five days, including Indian, Italian, Mexican and Chinese dishes. More importantly she taught them the principle of doing everything for Krishna, cleanliness in the kitchen and other aspects of prasadam preparation. Not only that but they also had a lot of fun in the kitchen, as you can see from the photos.

The guests had a good time making chapatis, samosas, calzones, etc.

We also had walks to the waterfalls and our lookout point, which the guests always love…

…though probably not as much as they love eating the prasadam!

On the first night I spoke about the importance of eating prasadam and the modes of nature.  On the second night they saw a documentary on the importance of a healthy diet. The third and fourth nights were question and answer sessions on all topics related to spirituality, Krishna Consciousness and yoga.

We also had a 30 minute japa session every day, as well as kirtans and aratiks.

All in all a successful retreat, with happy guests who got to come a little closer to Krishna consciousness, learn lots of delicious vegetarian recipes, eat lots of prasadam and relax!

Here are comments left by three of our guests:

“It was much more than a ‘vegetarian cooking course’. In truth in was an immersion in a universe of aromas and flavors, with the song of birds and mantras as the soundtrack. If we are what we eat, this experience allowed us to be much better. Hare Krishna!” – Celeste, Belo Horizonte – MG.

“Thank you, Charana, for sharing with us valuable information about your cooking, which brought us to higher states. This retreat was not only incredibly delicious, it also provided a deep comfort to the soul, through the sincere hospitality, the sharing of spiritual knowledge and the impressive natural setting. I leave Pandavas Paradise transformed and with the certainty of having made one of the best investments in my wellbeing.  Hare Krishna!” – Rachel, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

“The days I spent in Pandavas Paradise were absolutely incredible. I enjoyed an exuberant natural setting, with walks and swimming in the waterfalls, while at the same time learning delicious vegetarian recipes, as well as Giridhari’s enriching teachings. I had the chance to reflect on my life in a way that I could never have done in my regular day to day life, in a welcoming and very peaceful environment. Charana and Giridhari, thank you!” – Emerson, Brasília – DF

Click here to see more pictures of the retreat.


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