October Yoga Retreat at Pandavas Paradise

We held our 16th retreat of this year at Pandavas Paradise, from the 7th to the 12th of October. This particular yoga retreat was one of our best of the year, with a great group. Though ages varied from 23 to 71, and yoga experience varied from zero to teacher training course level, all the guests quickly bonded and had deep, meaningful exchanges.

The guests enjoyed our walks

and our waterfalls.

We had a yoga teacher from Brasília, Priscilla, giving four hours of class a day, including basic lessons in anatomy and the health benefits of different asanas.

As usual, every day the guests had early kirtan with the maha-mantra, followed by 30 minutes of japa mantra meditation. At night they had aratik and a lecture.

The guests had a wonderul time. Here are some comments they sent us:

“I had six special days in Pandavas Paradise where I got in touch with myself and with loving and wonderful people.”- Ramman, Brasilia-DF

“Pandavas Paradise exceeded my expectations. It made me more aware of my body and soul through meditation and the beauty of the Chapada”- Zenilda

“It was my fourth time (the third this year), and not last, in Pandavas Paradise. Again I experienced  special moments, delicious food, invigorating yoga practices and came in contact with very, very special people… I cannot wait to have my fifth experience in Paradise! “- Helena, Brasilia-DF

“… I had moments of pure nectar, praying on my beads and listening to your lectures … in silence and in the middle of nature it’s easier to approach Krishna. “- Nara, Rio de Janeiro-RJ

“I am very happy to have been awarded these days in Paradise. Thank you for all the shared wisdom. “- Paula, Belo Horizonte-MG

“…Pandavas Paradise is magical! I am very happy and fulfilled. You gave me everything I needed – the retreat was very important for me because I was able to purge everything negative that had been bothering me, and I left that wonderful place feeling at peace and very happy. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed and smiled the way I did there.”- Grace, Rio de Janeiro-RJ

You can see more pictures of the retreat here.


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