Sannyasa Statistics for ISKCON

Here are some very interesting statistics regarding sannyas in ISKCON:

  • From 1967 until 2010 included,  194 devotees received sannyasi initiation. Srila Prabhupada initiated 54 sannyasis.
  • Of these, 87 relinquished their sannyasa status and 6 have left ISKCON but are still sannyasis.
  • 12 sannyasis left their body while in good standing within their asrama.
  • Number of sannyasis presently in ISKCON:  88  (plus one suspended)

Here’s the good news:

Of the 87 who left their sannyasa ashram, only 1 was from the post-1992 period when the new, more extensive process for entering the ashram was started. In percentages, 44.5% of sannyasis from the pre-1992 era fell, and only 2.5% after that. This is an example of the GBC acting very inteligently, with a decision that brought deep positive impact to the ISKCON world.



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3 responses to “Sannyasa Statistics for ISKCON

  1. Guru

    Could you please share the base data that was used to arrive at this statistics?

  2. Ramanandas das

    Dandavats,well there is still a perspective that there are many persons who may be outwardly wearing the sannyas vesh etc and live independently of ISKCON,in effect have their own missions and as such they are the sole acarya of those missions,and that is quite prominent now.The difficulty is that these persons appear to act independently and answer to nobody.including the GBC body.

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