Krishna and Soulpancake

Soulpancake is a rising star of the Internet – a website dedicated to get people together “to chew on life’s big questions”.  I hadn’t heard about it before, but after reading an article about it yesterday, I thought: “wow, that’s a place where I should be!”.  I signed up (real easy to do) and immediately saw so many interesting threads going on about God, religion, vegetarian diets, etc. I’ve already participated in several “conversations”.

The way it works is that someone will post a question. Anyone in the soulpancake community can then leave a reply to that question (and add further replies if so inspired). When you click on that question, you can see all the replies given to it so far (like comments on a blog post). You can include links in your answers too and you can also create a question yourself.

I urge devotees to join in and help share Krishna consciousness there.


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