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6 Hour Kirtan and Gaura Purnima in Brasilia

Our Gaura Purnima Festival in Brasilia was the first major festival we’ve held at our new Hare Krishna center. Though we only used word of mouth and our email list to invite members one week before the event, we had more people than we could fit!

We started six hours before the publicly announced time so as to do Brasilia’s first 6 hour kirtan.

After the kirtan I presented a slide show lecture on Mayapur, since my wife and I just came back from spending two weeks there (she took lots of nice pictures while I was in the GBC meetings!). It was a presentation with a few fun additions. I surprised them with a bottle of Ganges water when I showed them slides of the Ganges river. Everyone had the chance to sprinkle some drops on their head. I also passed around a small twig of the neem tree from the Yoga Pitha when showing that. They loved it.

After the presentation on the glories of Mayapur Dhama, we had more kirtan! This time an ecstatic, massively energetic kirtan led by Devananda Prabhu, a devotee from Trinidad and Tobago currently residing in Brasilia.

The crowd jumped and danced with such enthusiasm, I feared for the structural integrity of the 3 story building in which our Hare Krishna center is located!

After the kirtan we served prasadam, including Lord Chaitanya’s delicious birthday cake.

You can see lots more pictures here.

We’re so happy to have our own center now! But we still have lots of debts from the purchase and renovation of it. If you can help, please send us a donation through PayPal – gd@pandavas.org.br.


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Preaching in Porto Alegre

This last weekend I was in Porto Alegre again. We had another Gita Weekend Workshop. This was the second one there, teaching chapters 3 and 4.

I had a good group and they all listened very attentively. Two members of the group are philosophy majors, one of whom is the daughter of Lila Prabhu, who brought KC to the region some 25 years ago. Though her father is a great preacher and president of ISKCON there since its inception, and has brought hundreds of people to KC, she had never properly studied the Gita and is not currently practicing KC. So, I was very happy that she claimed to have thoroughly enjoyed the weekend workshop and has promised to come back for the whole series.

On Sunday the local devotees arranged a public celebration for Gaura Purnima. They celebrate two separate Gaura Purnima festivals in Porto Alegre – one for the devotees (on the day) and one for the general public (on the weekend). They invited me to give the talk at the public festival. I presented a brief sketch of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s life and teachings, using a powerpoint slide show, to a crowd of about 180 people. I was very grateful to Srila Prabhupada for allowing me to spend the whole weekend preaching on the Gita and then topping it off with a little glorification of Lord Chaitanya!

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